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I’m hoping my fellow fans of Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Booster Gold fans are also fans of Calvin and Hobbes.

I also hope Bill Watterson doesn’t throw fruit at me. 

This is copy work, so don’t give me too much credit. It was fun, though, I haven’t copied another artist in a long time. I used Paint Tool SAI. 

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold despite their fun are kind of tragic heroes, so I like to draw them in their happy times the best. I was a little bit torn on this since Booster is taller than Beetle, but in the end blonde hair and the very slight inclination towards their respective personalities won out. 

I hope y’all like it. And Bill Watterson… thanks for making my all-time favorite Sunday strip. Someday I want to be half the draftsman(woman) you are. 

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold belong to DC. Calvin and Hobbes belong to Bill Watterson. 

Aaaaaah!!! TOO DARN CUTE!

(PS - I will email you soon - promise!)

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